Shapes, lines, colors, textures, materials come together. It makes something, some extraordinary thing. This said object, substance, being, concept, element be as it may is a creation. Letters form into words. Cytosine and guanine spiral to bring about DNA. Sperm fertilizes eggs and share chromosomes. X’s being paired with Y’s or another X, with alleles being the determining factor of the uniqueness of the creation being produced. The curves, shades, and shapes of the words being formed currently. The structure, build, and purpose of the paper. Spaces between the terms create a picture. The formation of a creation. Words breath, explain, live, create.

An essay is a living thing, just like the person writing it. Letters are the simplest form, just like atoms. Atoms come together to produce elements; same concepts in one paragraph. A group of concepts on one page create a molecule. Pages come together to create an organism. Organisms form, grow, and change to become the essay. A paper has basic concepts just like a living thing does.

They can be complex, responsive, growing, multiplying, evolving. One letter, one idea, one change in the environment can create something new. Everything starts from nothing or a basic concept. Instead of going into depth about the function, lobes, and path ways of the brain, saying it’s a shiny mound of being where neurons call the plays makes the statement the same yet different. Giving an object less of an academic, boring description and bring it to life and making it interesting. Thoughts, sensations, desires stream from everyone. The person thinks about a topic, creates an idea in their head, and comes out with an image.

Writing gives a source to let out emotion. Good, bad, whatever it may be, whatever is being thought, the conclusion of the process is something unique that hasn’t been said before.  Even if said material is being copied, it wasn’t typed on that computer at that time in that location; thus bringing about another creation. It can be said that evolution has to do with chance, selection, or order. This is true for life of a human being and the writing process. Entropy is the main variable. The randomness of how the genes are selected for its offspring and the uncertainty of where a written response may be taken. Yes, there is still order, planning, and an initial thought of what the final product may be. But when the creation is formed, finished, completed, is when all guesses are pushed aside and questions are answered, the hypothesis is deemed factual.

The adaptation of a creation, a social evolution can be literarily or physically. May it be a new way to write, a new way to look at a passage, a new thought; or body parts becoming no use anymore, new technology trumping the old. The creator is always trying to outdo the last creation. See something in a different light; make a new discovery, create a new theory. Creation is the universes’ manifestation. It publically displays what’s coming next, what the world is in for. How the world is going to be changed. Creation, the development in the physical or mental sense of anything. Life, theories, passages, words, knowledge, can all be taken further. Go out and create something.

creScience gives the steps to create things. Different equations to form different substances. Unique ways to build and come out with a masterpiece, a creation. Biology expands the mind, puts more pictures and imagery in the brain to make the imaginary, creative aspect of writing flourish. English majors pull their inspiration from everywhere. Being a good writer means taking interesting topics and expanding them, or taking boring topics and makes them appealing to the reader. Scientific formation of a substance is a good format to follow to write an essay. Create a masterpiece then throw in fire to the equation. Extract oxygen, break bonds, figure out the blood type, create a phospholipid. Write in the style of persuasion, narration, or descriptive; so many different forms of essays. Science gives us knowledge, information, and examples of steps that can be taken to create. Life of Science gives the basic steps of creation- humans, molecules, life- so why not use the same steps to write?  Some say that our bodies are so glorious merely to successfully create new persons. The making of life is the most magnificent of all. Creations create new creations.