Flame flickering. In a dark room, the eye is drawn to it. All environmental variables are in the equation of how the flame acts, how it moves. It’s never a constant flame. The wind blows it, temperature outside determines the strength. The wicks toughness, the waxes ingredients come into play. they all determines the performance of the flame. When the flame is all there is, everyone is depending on it. Will it live up to what it needs to do? Will it last? Without the flame what is there? Darkness. Without the flame nothing can start. Nothing can come out of it, nothing can end, there’s no beginning. Everyone hopes for the flame, believes in the flame, depends on the flame.

Dirt covered ground, brown everywhere. The caveman wearing a striped black and white shirt put’s his two sticks together to prepare for a fire. He places the sticks up against each other and sets a round rock in between. With the blow of his whistle, sparks fly on the pile in front of him. Friction between the sticks ignites the flame. Oxygen and fire battling each other, Fire wins.

The unsung hero of lacrosse: the center draw taker.

Winning the battle of the three pound lacrosse ball into the net of his stick, He is tough. He not only beat his opponent, he beat the wind, beat the weather. He beat his surroundings. His positioning, his wick, on the line before the referee made him strong, stable. Made the flame inside of him last and blow past the enemy. Snatching the ball and his opponents’ oxygen made his flame grow bigger. The light of the game is ignited, it can now begin. Only being blown out, ended, from the wind made by the balls force ripping through the air into the opponents’ goal.

Lacrosse. Made for the strong, played by the tough. Body covered on pads, thick helmet protecting the head and metal stick to defend. It has badass and instincts written all over it. In men’s lacrosse they have the basic positions. The goalie (a yankee candle) that has to be big and always be alert. Defense men (long fire place matches) that need an extra long stick to be able to throw longer and defend harder. Offense men (normal short matches) that use short bursts of energy to score then sub out and take a break. Lastly there is the center draw taker (a lighter). Being powered by gas to ensure the slightest bit of wind won’t blow it out. With all off the pressure it has to carry the team, you have to go with the most reliable.