i am a maker


fashion philosophy

fashion design is a way of creating visual representation of one's self. no words or definitions needed, just material bonded, shaped, and sculpted together to emit ones essence. the body is an amazing thing and so are the raw materials we cage our bodies in with. walking in and with nature through the textiles we wear. 

i am a photographer

Hanging Closet.jpg

photography viewpoint

the blink of an eye is all it takes to capture a picture in our brains. our eyes being the all seeing lens of our perception. photography is powerful in the way that we can show others how we look at things. no one will ever be able go inside your mind and see the same thing you do. pictures give us the ability to show what we see. 

i am a designer


design theory

shapes, that's all it is. to figure out the concept as a whole you must understand it in the lames terms possible. shapes, colors, lines coming together to create creative pieces of art. a variety of sizes, hues, values and end goals all deriving from the mouse curser to electrically conjure up digital art.