THE Point of View

“In fashion we love to talk about the ‘girl of the moment.’ The made-up muse who, by consensus, sums up the ethos of the season. One spring she might be a Silk Road bohème who collects Uzbek embroideries and rides a yak caravan across the Hindu Kush for the right Tajik hat. One autumn she night be a Berlin rock singer who sleeps till two, wears suede to breakfast (if you can call black coffee and a Rauch praline breakfast), and always has the perfect lank-punk bouffant even though she never brushes her hair.”

                                                            -Vogue, Point of View September 2011

Vogue permits us to imagine a life in someone else’s body.  Vogue allows fabric to emit emotion. Vogue acknowledges a vast community of fashion enthused pupils. Vogue solidifies status. Vogue gives meaning to walking art. Vogue tells the story of the fashionable masses.   Vogue is the all knowing, all defining, and all original keeper to the clothed universe.

The savy, self-assured, sophisticated person looks to Vogue as a bible. This elite publication is the de facto of the fashion community. The tone is matter of factly due to the knowledgeable language, opulent history, and devoted subscribers.  The defining knowledge being read by the brave, adventurous and daring individual who follows the trends spread about the pages month after month. May it be studded stilettos, organic shaped dresses, or space age sunglasses, the inner fashionista will never back down from a challenge.

It is the person who steps away from their blasé boring life and runs into the beautiful, original world we know as Vogue, will see a life only imaginable by Ann Wintor herself. This magazine is created by the innovative for the imaginative. Step into a world created by experts. See through the eyes of the designers themselves. Peer into the souls of the beautiful men and women sprinkled about the glossy pages.

This publication is no longer for the societal elite New York aristocrats of the late 1800’s. Bring on the teenage enthused shopaholic. Set forth the textile coinsurer. The brand whore meets the newly turned fashion junky. An abundant array of persons being brought together by one solidifying thing, the end all be all of life as we know it, Vogue.