Word, Term, Root, French guy

Logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products. Logout is another word for log off. Logjam is a crowded mass of logs blocking a river. Logistics is an activity organizing the movement, equipment, and accommodations of troops. Logogram is a sign or character representing a word or phrase. Logophile, a lover of words.

Review, reviewed, reviewer, reviewable, reviewal all five words deriving from one. Review with subject and review without subject are two cinereous deemed different from the words that surround it. Oxford Dictionary, one place to define an infinite amount of terms, a lexicon for the masses. 

A review is intended to evaluate something.  When you review something the appraisal of that thing generates value, the material or monetary worth of something. One can review a book, event, or place. The process of going over a subject again and again. Fix the memory and summarize the facts for all to hear or read. An exercise designed and intended for the study of a subject. Surveying and accounting for something, an examination by reviewing.

Reviewing is thinking. It is analyzing every concept possible of the given topic, theme, or focus at hand. Examining and studying a subject that is a pre thought out exercise, which accounts for something. Piecing together thought out information one concludes about a topic. Patching together Stems, counters, cap lines, terminals, brackets, crossbars and axes’ to create letters. Mending Letters to create words for the reviewer to group together in order to create a summary.

I say screw the summary, review a word; review the word review.

Review is From the Middle French word reveue. Middle French being a historical division from the French language that covers the period from 1340 to 1611. An ancient French guy saying ‘reveue’ with a handle bar mustache, monopoly man eye glass, and a cup of espresso; got it. When coming up with the word review, did he account for the fact that one-day people might be reviewing his choice of terminology? But isn’t such questioning the whole point of a review. Analyzing people choices for creating said thing, i.e. a book, event or creation of place. 

 review means to see again. Revoir, rivedere, ver más, wiedersehen; May you speak French, Italian, Spanish, or German, the phrase means the same thing . See again, Saw again, Think again, thought again, Reviewed. Words can be placed together in a multitude of different ways to derive many different meanings.

The same goes for words, letter combinations with a great quantity of different options. Letters, lettres, settler, and trestle. With all of these different combinations how does one settle on an exact word? How does one put together a concept of a new thing, like the word ‘review’ and write the letters r, e, v, i, e, and, w down on a piece a paper and says ‘Ha! This is the all-signifying word that will represent ‘seeing again’?

Why wasn’t the phrase and verb ‘See again’ called ‘paint’ instead of ‘review’? Paint that book and turn in an essay to be graded. Review the walls in a house the color pink. Stand on a chair and sit on a stage. Write with a carrot and eat a pencil. Why were these words chosen?

A meta review of the word review. Reviewing the word review as you review the words on this page to try to make sense and derive an opinion of the topic at hand. Most not all reviews have someone stating an opinion of an experience. May it be on Yelp reviewing a restaurant you ate at or in a fashion magazine reviewing a new collection. Reviews are generally opinions of people that turn into facts. But even saying the word generally groups me in the same category as the rest being that generalizing is the name of the game when reviewing.

Reviewing something makes you think, it makes you question. So lets question why ‘see again’ was replaced by the word review. Let’s question how words and letters even came about. Let’s question how different languages were even created. But most importantly let’s question why reviews are opinion based that turn factual instead of the opposite being facts that you decide your opinion of.

Comparing things to other things in its same category, reviewing. The answer is not written or shall I say, type, clearly in this inception like article. Let’s change the opinion, the preset definition of a review, and just give the facts about the word. Give you letters and caps and counters and axis’ to think a thought about the word review. THINK is what you must do. NOT read a pre-determined definition. What do You Think? Keep going down and down the rabbit hole and see where it takes you, where it takes your mind.